Hello all,

Amazing. I was able to complete this page in time! It’s a special “double sized” update today. I had this story hit me, and I knew I had to draw it, but for me to communicate it effectively I needed the extra space. Even though I was very sleep deprived working on this page throughout the week, I really enjoyed it. Hopefully you do too!

This weekend I was in Christchurch. A winter break in a colder city is never something I aim to do. It was just a quick trip to catch up with my brother. We had a bad run for food on Saturday – but it was quickly made up for by an amazing breakfast at Drexel’s restaurant on Hereford Street in the city.

This colossal breakfast burrito took care of me until 4pm. It was totally worth it.

Hopefully you had an enjoyable weekend as well.

Thanks for reading!