Hey all,

Seems like there could be some beef between Greg and Adam perhaps?

This weekend went by spectacularly fast. It seems like I was just at the pub on Friday night, and now here I am back into the working week. Bummer.

I spent some time trying to get some extra art done. Though I don’t know why I bothered. It seemed like every line I put down I hated. That can be frustrating when it just doesn’t work for you for whatever reason.

I also caught up with my friend Podgypanda on Saturday night, and was introduced to his friend Fi. Podgy’s artwork is growing in leaps and bounds. His new stuff is unreal. You wait until he unleashes it on this world! We hung out, and made observations about K road while sitting in a coffee shop on said road.

There was also a lot of rain. Hope everything is awesome in your world.

Thanks for reading!