Sometimes people can be incredibly cool.

This week has been a good one. A couple of weeks ago, Dan, from Sassy Fortnight informed me he wanted a break from his comic for a week and asked me to draw a page for him so he would have something to run during this week. If you haven’t been over to Sassy Fortnight  yet, go have a look. It’s a really cute and fun comic which has Dinosaurs and a Robot in it. What more do you need from the Internet?

Having never done a guest comic before, I was very aware that by saying “yes” I knew had to come up with the goods – a comic that would hopefully be fun for the creator, but also their readers. Not to mention you’re dealing with their own characters. It’s a unique situation. I know I can do anything with my characters at any time, but playing with someone else’s, and getting one page to tell a story you hope people will like – it’s intimidating. Dan is a really nice dude though, and wanting to lend a helping hand I asked for the deadline, and then worked it into my schedule.

After about 5 hours I had the finished product done. It went live this week – so please, go and check it out, and let me know if you liked it! Thankfully Dan did like it, and had some nice things to say about my own comic in the process. Cheers, dude!

The other nice thing to happen this week was a very kind review of my first comic by Robin Hotter. Robin is another New Zealand based artist, and he contributes his own awesome comic called Rally Mark to DMC Comics, an Anthology series (to which I have contributed to) run here in New Zealand.

Robin’s review was really cool, and totally made my day. Go have a read if you feel so inclined!

Hope the week has treated you just as well,

Thanks for reading!