How does one go about making a comic – while still maintaining some sort of semblance of a social life?

It’s a question I have had to ask myself a few times lately. One would think that making your own webcomic would be a rock star life style. Shouldn’t I have made a successful creation and sold out a million times over so that I can drive a Lamborghini, live in the Hollywood Hills and then lose my fortune on a debaucherous trip to Vegas?

Okay, maybe I wouldn’t go that far.

In actuality I am finding that keeping the regular webcomic updates and still trying to have a normal life is a balancing act that I have yet to master. I’m treating the “making a comic” process, like a second job. Trying to do a minimum of set hours per night on it after the day job. Usually a good chunk of the weekend is allocated to it too. It leaves me little wriggle room to just have some lazy down time. Thankfully with the help of a friend or two, and the support of my wife, it hasn’t been too terrible.

Isn’t it hard enough that I have to manage my twitter account? Meeting up with friends on social outings means I have to put on an SPF 1500 sunblock, just so my pasty white skin can take a little UV exposure after countless hours of being locked away beside a computer. My attire is usually a failure for said outing as well. I really didn’t think through the choice to put on a white tee shirt and then go out to meet people for Ramen.

There is no easy answer I guess. The webcomic is important for me to do, so letting go things like seeing movies often and reading comics get put on the back burner until I can find some time to get around to it. Going out and shooting the shit with friends is important though. It reminds me that I allowed to go out and do stuff every now and again, and it keeps the wife happy. That makes life easier in the long run!

The juggling act will continue. What should I do? Are there any decent iphone apps or proceedures I should be using to better plan my life? I’m open to suggestions!

Meanwhile. The iPad came out this weekend. It’s not yet available here in New Zealand, and i am really curious to see one in action. The Marvel app looks amazing, it’s just a shame that at this point Marvel only wants to dip their toes in the water and not offer everything they can. People should be able to download books that are on the stands right now! Otherwise it seems like wasted potential. I’ve had the app running on my iPhone, and it works very nicely.

Thanks for reading