Usually when I am preparing a page I’ll just keep going on it until it is done. However, without being sure how awesome this new format would be I saved a few steps of the comic to check and see if I was happy with how it was progressing. Being that the comic is now smaller, some of the things I took into consideration were, does the text size and art size still hold for readability? Will I be able to successfully condense my storytelling so that it can convey the same message without the same amount of space? How would the page look on the site?

One of the issues I had with the traditional page format was, you always had to scroll down to read the comic. For those people that might just want to have a quick browse and then carry on with their day, I thought, maybe I could make this more efficient. The other thought of reducing to this size was the aim of getting more updates out a week. If I could draw smarter it would hopefully be beneficial for me in that people could now get one extra update a week. Which also helps me add to my archive faster.

The challenge is of course. Having never drawn in this format before, that I need to be smarter with my page layouts, and get my point across quickly. I like a challenge though. With any luck, no one will even notice the format change and people will be happy that they’ll be getting an extra update every week. I’ll let you know soon when I’ll make the jump to twice a week.

Thanks for reading!