Mackenzie Country

Last week we took a break from Auckland and headed to the South Island. As always, Christchurch was the destination, so I could catch up with friends and on any changes the city might have to offer. Previous trips have usually been done on a budget, but we spent a little extra this time, hiring a rental car so we would have the freedom to get around past the city limit if we chose to do so. Unfortunately arriving on Thursday wasn’t the best idea as the weather offered up the worst it could with a lot of rain and some cold southerly winds. The car was a blessing in this instance as we were able to check into some places with minimal discomfort. We headed out to the port town Lyttleton. Which is a really cool historic part of the city where the original settlers first established after arrival. Before heading over the hill to start a city on the plains. Lyttleton was cool to walk around, but after being beaten down by the weather it soon became a good place to stop into a cafĂ© and have a hot drink.

Lake Tekapo

Friday we left town and headed for the Alpine Lakes in the middle of the island. The weather was still horrible for most of the journey, but thankfully cleared just as we arrived at our destination. It then got quite warm, and we didn’t see any more cold weather for the rest of the weekend. Those lakes are amazing. Totally worth the 4 hour drive just to see them.

People do exist in this city - I swear...we were just up early!

Saturday and Sunday were spent catching up with friends and hanging around the city. Both days were hot, with Sunday fetching 30 degrees C! From one extreme to the other I guess. It was nice to be able to actually walk around the city and take some photos.

Funniest part of the holiday? Walking with my friend Richard up Hereford street we were passed by a policeman. He was a few steps ahead of us as we walked past a famous breakfast spot in the city. The smell of bacon wafted in the air. Richard turns and says “Hey do you guys smell…”

I cut him off right there, both of us realising just how inappropriate (appropriate?) that sentence was in that exact moment. It did give us a good laugh though!

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