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Mint Chicks usb picAnytime you’re lucky enough to hear some good new tunes then you know it’s going to be a good week. This was the case this last week. I had pre-ordered the new Mint Chicks EP which was a collaboration between them and Instead of releasing on a traditional format, this release came on a pre-loaded USB stick. A great idea. The dinosaurs of the music industry are still trying to find ways to strangle more money out of an already well past its used by date way of shifting sounds to the mainstream market. It’s good to see bands / companies / people use their initiative and explore other options that don’t involve a series of middle men to absorb what profit there might be left in the art. Selling something tangible and different like a customised USB is just a great idea. You get the music. You get something the band put some thought into, and you get a re-useable item. The band gets its music direct to its fans, and more money in the pocket.

My USB was on pre-order, so it was a nice surprise to have it turn up in the mail. Loaded up on it was the new “Bad Buzz” EP in m4a, mp3 and flac formats. Giving the consumer choice is a great thing. Also included were some press photos of the band, and a thank you with some artwork. For 25 bucks (NZD), that is a pretty sweet deal really. The EP is now available for digital download for those who don’t want the USB and extras but want some new rocking tunes.

As for the music. It was awesome. Loving the new tracks and looking forward to more from the Mint Chicks in the near future.

Thanks for reading!