floating hearts always appear if you're smittenHello all.

I figure I’ll weigh in with some thoughts about February 14. For once I’m finding that the day is far more tolerable as it is not only on the weekend, but also sharing the day with Chinese New Years. Valentines Day is a funny concept to me. Possibly it is because I am a dude? I write a comic about a guy who is a hopeless romantic though, so I figure I should give my take on it.

First of all, this is just me. If you celebrate Feb 14 – and you enjoy the day for what it is. That is awesome. I’m not an old curmudgeon or anything. I could jump on the tried and true – “oh it’s all just commercial bullshit”. That would be too much of an easy dismissal. I think the day serves its purpose. What is that purpose? Why to remind us males to show affection if we had forgotten to throughout the whole previous year prior to. It’s the get out of jail free card.

Myself. Well the ladies at my workplace believe I should be hung, and wonder how my wife married me, because I do nothing on Valentines. It can be a point of contention every time February 14 rolls around on the calendar. However I will hold to it, and I have always been consistent with not doing anything for it. Now before anyone jumps on me for being horribly negligent of affection towards my spouse. Allow me to explain myself here. For me, the idea of being told to be romantic on a certain day is a bit of a sham (again, just for me it is). I don’t want to be told when I should buy my wife some flowers. Instead – I think the better way to go is hold out on Valentines, and then be spontaneous at other times throughout the year. If your partner doesn’t see it coming, and its a genuine surprise, then I think you get a much better result. Much more romantic in my mind.

Does that excuse fly with the wife? Hell no. I had to compromise somewhat this year, and make her breakfast in bed. Ha ha.

Maybe I’m just anti-authoritarian?

Hope your day was nice irrespective of whether you care about the day or not, and Happy Chinese New Years too.

Thanks for reading