My only reason for being is to state the obvious

Hello, welcome to February! This is it, the month the comic launches. In two days time in fact, you will see an all new brand spanking new page up! Awesome. It has been too long. Thereafter you should see a new page every week. I’m looking forward to taking Adam in some new directions. Building some storylines up, adding new characters, sub plots. It’s gonna be fun. Working in full colour has also been a challenge for me. It’s been great to experiment and try and learn that. You’ll get to see soon enough on how the first page turned out.

Being Summer, I have been hitting our local Ice Cream parlour with the intensity of a thousand burning suns then amplified through a gigantic magnifying glass and focused on a population of ants. There have been some excellent hot days, which just demand a nice cookies and cream in a cone. Well a couple of days ago I was down there again. The problem as always is too much choice. There are a dozen flavours of Ice Cream. 2 choices of cones, or you can have sundaes. Maybe if you are just after a drink, you can get either a milkshake or a thick-shake. Pretty much like Captain Planet – the POWER is yours.

I decide to be adventurous on this fine summer’s day. I see a gentleman opting in for the chocolate dip option at the cost of an extra 60 cents. Immensely impressed with the addition of the hardened chocolate on top of the already lavish ice cream cone, I decide this is a move I have to follow. The flavour – Caramel Fudge. The chocolate dip would it accompany it perfectly, I say to myself.

4 minutes later I’m outside the store deciding on which angle to attack this mammoth ice cream. Even at the one scoop option, I have a generous serving. Unfortunately my man Admiral Akbar wasn’t around as the Chocolate dip was a TRAP.
I realised this after my first bite. The hardened shell of chocolate gave me the appearance all would be okay. However, under that shell the ice cream was already melting. Once I bit in, it was like a dam had burst. Ice cream started flowing freely down my hand. The shell had to be eating quickly for damage control. Too little too late, the avalanche of ice cream was already in full force.

Next time, don’t get carried away, just go for the plain ice cream.

Thanks for reading

See you in a couple of days for the new page!