Dominos mutherfucker! what!

As it is summer time in this part of the world, I’m taking this opportunity to reflect on the simple things that make this season great. Ice-creams, cold beers, BBQ’s  – what’s not to like? Picture this. The best example of the summer season is liberating yourself from everything and getting in your car for a drive. Do it first thing in the morning. The promise of the hot day is still ahead of you, but it’s warm without yet being uncomfortable. You can turn up the car stereo to some loud rap music, reminiscent of the opening scene of Office Space with the character Michael Bolton singing along to Scarface’s “No Tears”.

You smile smugly at the people on a bus doing their daily commute. Sure, they have the upper hand in winter, when the rain contributes to bad traffic and their only concern is the Susan Boyle song playing on their iPod. For now though, enjoy your moment. Crank up that Public Enemy, and just enjoy the drive. It’s summer after all.

Also: Dont forget the webcomic is dropping February2!

This public service announcement was brought to you by the letters G, J and the number 6.

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