a kid with a gun - that is totally worth your cash right there!

Hello again,

Checking in, as I have not done so in a while. I hope wherever you are reading this, you are well and 2010 has been treating you well so far. I finally decided on a release date for the webcomic. You will see the first page go up February 2 (if you are in Europe of the States) and Midnight February 3 if you are in New Zealand like myself. I was trying to think of when a good launch date would be. I knew I wanted it two or three weeks out from now, but wasn’t too sure when to lock it down. My birthday is actually February 3, so i decided, that I would launch the comic on that date (in my time zone) and if I am still doing this a year from now, then the comic and myself can share birthdays and it will be easy to remember that anniversary! Not too much longer and page one will be up! I’m in the midst of getting ahead, and keeping my momentum going on it. I’m enjoying the work. The digital thing has been an interesting switch to make, but overall I think the fact that I am spitting out the artwork faster is a big positive.

It has already been an interesting year for myself. I wont comment on that further until I know more information, but I might update about it soon. Mostly I am just being kept busy with summer. It seems to be the social time of the year for sure! I’ve been catching up with friends all over the place. Which is great. It’s always fun to just hang out with people and talk crap you know?

Saw a cool movie, “The Cove” on the weekend. It was really eye opening. Kind of insane. I wont say anything else other than, you should all check it out. It’s a fascinating and at the same time terrifying watch. It will make you think less about your own worries and concerns that is for sure. The world is much larger than you or I my friend. Ha ha!

I’ve been trying to catch up on my comic reading as well. I finally got the latest volume of “The Walking Dead” from Image Comics. That series is killer, if you’ll excuse the pun. It reads like a horror/zombie movie should. It has great characterisation, and spares no one. Absolutely brutal, but very well written. If you like comics, put this on your list, you wont be disappointed. If you are curious and want to check it out, maybe hit up your local library and see if they can hold a copy of the trade paperback for you.

Above: The cover for the Walking Dead #50 by Charlie Adlard

Thanks for reading