Back in Auckland. We just arrived back today from a couple of days excursion down in Acacia Bay. Which is in the Taupo area. It was an awesome break. It’s nice to escape the city sometimes and check out a new place. Get away from some of the things at home and just chill back with a cold beer in hand. Lake Taupo is beautiful. The water was amazingly clear. We ended up visiting a Department of Conservation site which gave really lovely lakeside access.  There were maybe 8 other people there with boats and kayaks, as well as a couple of ducks to keep everyone company. The bay was surrounded by pockets of native forrest. I wish I could have gone for a swim, but I wasn’t prepared to do so. Unfortunately the next day the weather turned on us, so that possibility never eventuated. Not to worry though, the main point of the trip was to just have a couple of days with a change of scenery, and in that case, mission accomplished.

We came back to Auckland to see in 2010. I’m not sure just this minute what we’ll be doing to see the new year in? I’m sure we’ll find something to do though. I might go and see that Sherlock Holmes film soon maybe? It could be alright from the looks of it. Avatar was OK. The effects and visuals were pretty stunning, and the plot while cliché, was good enough that you were immersed into that world. For a piece of fictional escapism I totally enjoyed myself.

Next mission? I have to start page 3 on this webcomic. 2010 is approaching and I have to get some work done so everyone will be able to read this stuff as of next year (just over a day away).

Hope you all enjoy the New Years celebration. Be safe out there.

Thanks for reading