the_animals_are_a_roaming_by AngeliqueWe all know children are the future right? Sure we do. That’s a part of life. Is admitting that your moment is now, and if you don’t seize it you’ll soon be old and some youngster will be there to replace you. Cest la vie and all that. Well I had one of those moments today. This morning I was working away throwing down the finishing touches on my first digital webcomic page. The wife had a friend of hers scheduled in to visit late morning. So I knew I’d be stopping about that time and indulging in some catch up. Tell a few stories etc.

Our guest arrived. She had two in tow. Her child (new to the world this year) and her little sister. A seven-eight year old girl (I never asked to confirm that age, so I’m guessing) by the name of Angelique. While getting the tour of our new place the young lady noticed my new tablet and the art she had seen on the screen I was producing. We talked, and she expressed her love of art as well. So I said “Hey – would you like to have a go at it?”

Immediately we’re back in the studio and I’m setting her up. Including getting the chair higher so she can reach the tablet (always important). I throw down the gauntlet. This young lady is only too happy to accept the challenge. After a very brief introduction to how the tablet works, and Photoshop. I leave her alone. Unaided she is in the studio by herself happily just plugging away.

30 minutes later I return, and the picture is done. I couldn’t help but be impressed! The work was finished, colourful and fun. With very minimal guidance, Angelique was able to navigate a sophisticated piece of software, and a tablet off which the concept loses a few people.

Kids pick up stuff so much faster. I feel a little inadequate now, I’m still getting used to it! Ha ha! So the piece that leads this post is Angelique’s art. Enjoy!

Tanuki's Cave 3

Tanuki's Cave 4

Last night my wife and I hit up our favourite Japanese place in the city. Tanuki’s Cave. It’s an amazing Yakitori Bar. We treated ourselves to some awesome food and some good beverages. It was great. If you live in Auckland, I strongly recommend you go, even if you’ve been recently, do it again! You can experience the quality food and atmosphere once more!