ho! ho! hoooooooooooo!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Cold comic. That has finished up now. I’m now working on the follow up, made for the web purpose story line. Which should be making its debut some time in the new year. I’m just going to build a bit of a buffer up before I start putting them up. I’m excited for people to see it though, as it will be in full colour! Not only something new to look at, but a new challenge for me. The digital process is making it easier to turn a page out faster. Probably 4 times faster than what I would have if I were doing everything in pencil. That is amazing isn’t it? I’ll give you a release date on the webcomic series some time soon hopefully.

This week was an interesting one. Last Saturday I was out with a group of guys on a stag party for my friend Leo. At the tail end of the evening we were moving from one drinking establishment to another and on the way I lost my footing as I transferred from the pavement to the street to avoid some people. I basically caught my foot in a pothole of some sort and twisted it and landed on my ass. It was very painful, but like the idiot I am, instead of calling it quits I limped on to the next bar and hung out for a while before eventually resigning for the evening. The next morning I was barely able to walk. We went down to the emergency clinic and I had an X-ray. Thankfully nothing was broken. It was just a bad sprain. A few days on crutches and icing the foot would eventually help it calm down, though it is still sore and swollen. Looks like it will be a while before that bruising will go down.

The wedding went down on Wednesday. It was awesome. Everyone had a great time. All the best to my man Leo and his new bride Suriya.

Otherwise, finally got to seeing Avatar yesterday. Everyone is right, that is quite the visual spectacle. Some of the concepts with the creatures on that planet was cool. The colours were nice and trippy too! Ha ha!

Anyway, I had better get on with my Christmas day. Wishing you and yours all the best.

Happy holidays, and thanks for reading!