You're like, a tiny little guy, aren't you?
Finally dragged my ass to a theatre to see “Where the Wild things are” which began here in New Zealand this past Thursday. That is quite a ways behind the North American general release, but it happens every now and again with cinema releases in this part of the world. I guess it must have something to do with how many prints of the film are made or something like that?

Thursday and Friday rolled past and I still hadn’t made any attempt to see the film. Finally on Saturday I was able to take my wife and we headed down to the local cinema. It was kinda frustrating at first. For one, we had booked online – but the cinema had no confirmation of our booking whatsoever. The dude was cool about it though, he charged us a second time, and told us if both charges went through on the credit card to call the cinema, explain what had happened and it’d be cool. After that there was a long wait before that theatre was open as they took their sweet time cleaning it out. Mind you, what was my rush? All I was going to do was go into the theatre and sit my ass down. I suppose it was just weird hanging around for 20 minutes while they did the cleaning.

Once we were in though it was all good and soon enough we were enjoying the film. Without spoiling it for anyone. I will say I did enjoy it. It had this melancholic tone to it, which probably makes it not so much for kids. It was a nice addition to the children’s book though, so for those of us who grew up with that book, I think you’ll dig it.

The concept of the story itself is a simple one, but its all about execution that makes it work. Who wouldn’t want to travel to a far off distant land and just be king of some rad looking monsters. I’m pretty sure if they were able to turn Max’s costume into a Halloween costume, they’d be spinning gold right there. Instant cash. Ha ha! [Update Edit: My friend found this for me. Apparently there are some cool Max costumes out there. Nice work peoples!]

It must have been a weird one to try and get production on. It looks as though they are trying to get kids in  to see this flick, but I’m not sure that is the correct demographic to be aiming at. If not the kids though, then what? I guess that is the harder question to answer. We did see a lady pull her kids from the seats though, and take them out of the cinema about half way through.

I could be wrong though? Did you take your children (if you have them?)? Did they enjoy? I’d be curious to know. It seemed more likely to be aimed at people who grew up with the book like myself.

Bobby Banana threatens lawsuit over Carol trying to take his gig.

The marketing seemed to confirm that they are aiming it towards kids. I found this in the supermarket today on my break.

Though, to be fair, it is nice to see a promotion on something like fruit rather than the usual cheap plastic toys you’ll find in a shitty McDonald’s happy meal.

Rest of the weekend breezed by. The year looks to be wrapping up quickly.

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