death blossom by david choe

When making art. I tend to always be searching for new interesting artists out there doing their own thing. Particularly when your art is comics. Comics can unfortunately fit into a bit of a generic mold (and I’m guilty of that as well). I try to diversify, by trying lots of different things. In my search for new inspiring artists I came across David Choe. An American artist who ignores the rules and creates his own path. The artwork can be sexually explicit at times and brutally ugly, that’s not to say he can’t do “pretty” or “cute”, but where is the appeal in that? There is a real honesty in his work that you will struggle to find elsewhere. Choe never seems to plan in advance either. He’ll just go with the flow and let the art just flow out from himself when he is painting or drawing. It’s such an earnest approach and his style is so fresh that you can’t help but be impressed.

The other aspect of the appeal with Choe, is the man himself. Dude is just unpredictable and entertaining. There was even a film made about him, which I would love to see but hasn’t had a general release yet (who knows whether it will or not?). You can check the trailer right here:

Any trailer which uses the song “Roots” by Sepultura has got my vote! Doesn’t that film look awesome?

Also worth watching. Season 1 and 2 of “Thumbs up”. A Video Journal of David Choe and Harry Kim’s journey across the USA. One season goes West to East, the other South to North. Both are intriguing and fun watches. You get to see these guys interact with the people who they hitch with, the vagabond’s across America, and some of the forgotten places in that extremely large country. You can watch Season 1 and 2, at the Vice TV website. If you want to start form the beginning, I have made it easy for you, go right here.

For more on David Choe. Check out his website and his blog.

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