I’ve been buying a lot of art lately. It’s not really been planned, but I just keep seeing some cool art being released, so I purchase it.  Having recently moved into a new place, the dilemma now is. ..where do I now put all this art? Do I have enough room on my walls to even get it all up? It’s a good problem to have though, I’ll admit. I guess even if there wasn’t enough room for all this art, I could rotate pieces around to keep the walls interesting. Instead of messing with the furniture arrangements I can switch art pieces in and out. If I had the time, I’d look into a framing workshop of some sort too, as the framing of all these pieces is costing a pretty penny! Ha ha!

So would you like to see some of the recent bounty?

Sassy lady!

Well, I was able to pick up one of these cool Paul Pope prints. It’s a 2 colour screen print. I love the way that Paul can convey movement and energy with his art. The dude is a master, so when I saw this print for sale. I knew it would be an affordable way of getting some of his work on my wall.

Jim Houser

I got this rad 5 colour screenprint called “Stormfront” by Jim Houser for my wife. Jim Houser paints some of the coolest art you’ll see. His palate of softer colours is always pleasing on the eyes and I was able to secure one of these prints, which was very exciting. Both for myself, but particularly for my wife, who adores his artwork. This screen print was of amazing quality, and had a embossing seal on the paper, and the paper was archival Cotton Paper. It was very well put together. Also recommended, Jim has a book of his work out called “Babel“. Which you can get through Amazon.

wood is sexy - at least, Podgypanda says so

Finally, my friend Podgypanda stopped by on Saturday night. I managed to get one of these bad boys off him. A wooden laser print. The detail is immense! Because its wood, it just makes his art even more interesting because it is something different. Looking forward to picking out a spot and having this piece representing up on the wall somewhere soon as well.

I’m adding a couple of new* (*variations) items to my store tonight. You’ll be able to now find a new colour way of the Knuckles Tee. Which is Black on white.  The other item is the Custom Cover version of the comic. It’s the same as the regular cover, but for a few bucks extra I’ll draw you a one off cover of Adam on the front. Great ideas for Christmas maybe? Ha ha!

New updates will be hitting the store sporadically. Including some new tee shirt designs, and prints. Keep an eye on the blog here, and I’ll let you know when they drop.

Thanks for reading!