I am thinking about getting one of those new iMacs. How sweet are those 27 inch suckers? My god. I went into the local Apple supplier on the weekend, and just had a play on one. The digital real estate offered was just mind blowing. There would be so much room to do your work and then some! I’m pretty sure the next one that comes out will be as big as a T-Rex. No doubt it will dwarf us all, and then the T-Rex will get all jealous because he certainly doesn’t have Full HD, and only has stumpy arms, and he’ll probably have to eat the iMac. That is what you get when you make monitors that are too awesomely big. What can I say?

This weekend I was fighting a head cold. Nothing too pleasant there. Didn’t really get out of the house that much I’m afraid. Been trying to put down some character ideas for the comic. A couple of people have mentioned to me that while the short story format is fun, it is hard to invest in the characters that way. Which is all true. I never thought of this comic as much more than a throw away idea. Ultimately though, more and more short story ideas kept coming to me, and so I compiled some. However to make this comic the best it can be, I will need to add some more depth to it. I’ll need some more supporting characters and some storylines that Adam can follow for a bit longer than 5 pages, with subplots etc. I have never really thought of myself as a “writer”. I was always just drawing stuff that made me laugh out aloud if I thought of it. All of this new stuff I plan on adding into the book will be a nice challenge for me.

smiling like nobody's business

Above is a custom cover I drew for a good friend of mine, Jess, who is no longer in the country. You should check her blog out, as she explores new possibilities back in her homeland of the U.S.A. It’s great reading.

Eddie over at Makeshift was nice enough to throw me some love. Which was cool, it is like a double win because not only was Eddie nice enough to buy a book from me, but then he actually decided to post a blog about it. Those Makeshift people do good work. Keep an eye on their website for all the local news on Arts happenings around Auckland City and occasionally beyond.

Finally. My man PodgyPanda posted the winners of the competition we ran together at Armageddon Expo here in Auckland. Go have a look at some of the finalists, and the winners of the awesome prizes we had on hand thanks to Popup Gallery in Wellington. Thanks to Podgypanda for putting it all together and allowing me to be a part of it.

New comic should be up tonight.
Thanks for reading!