Custom Cover pencils

Lately I’ve been trying to sit down and do a lot of writing. Trying to get a sense of where I want Adam to go in his universe. If you don’t know by now, Adam is based on a real person and the world he inhabits is a real city. This doesn’t mean that I’m absolutely fixing this story to reality however. The absurd is going to be just as much a part of this comic as anything else.

What I have been trying to do, is figure out the overall direction that I want to take with the story. The challenge will be writing this thing open ended. I’ve always made these mini story arcs, with a gag ending and then moved on to a new story from there. Now I need to move these characters in and out of these jokes, and not finish the story on those climaxes. Who doesn’t like a challenge though? Comics are fun. I think I have some good ideas. I just hope everyone else will enjoy.

I’ve been looking into the whole gaming system thing lately. Will I ever get one? Who the hell knows? Probably not. They’re not the most efficient way of spending time. However, there is a temptation there for sure.  With HD TV’s and wireless remotes, excellent graphics and usually some decent hours of game play ahead of you, well, there is enough reason to never leave your couch again I guess. Just make sure you are well stocked up with food.

Last night a couple of new screen prints arrived into the house. Man. I have far too many things I need to get framed now! Here are the two new ones that arrived last night. This first one: King of Crabs, I saw the “making of” process online. Screen printing is fascinating, and it was really cool to see the breakdown of the printing process. Plus its a great colourful print, and will look amazing on the wall. Win/win!

Who wants crabs?


bad kitty!

I also picked up this bad boy. Nuff said about this one!

into a muther$%&&*%$ truck!

Finally, at the top of the post is a custom cover I started. I actually finished it last night, but the person I have drawn it for has not yet received it. I will make sure to post the finished result later in the week after they have viewed it.

Thanks for reading!