Just dropped off the custom cover to the guy who purchased it off me. It was really cool catching up with him. Plus he worked in the city, and I rarely visit inner Auckland these days. Looking around there were some changes. Including a whole new skyscraper that apparently came out of nowhere? I should have taken a photo of it, now that I am mentioning it. Sorry for my spectacular fail there!

In any case. Now that he has it, I can post the progression of how the custom cover came together. Obviously I was selling something physical, so I went old school on this one. Pencils, inks, and the colour markers to finish it off. The “Hey Ladies” is really me just thinking that, if Adam were to have a song that would represent him “Hey Ladies” by the Beastie Boys always comes to mind. It’s such a good banging track.

Now I’m back in the house. I have a cold Mac’s Gold beer in hand. The weekend has begun.

Fuck yeah.

Don’t forget, I only have limited stock of the custom covers at present. If you would like one, you can hit up the store.

Thanks for reading!