I'm feeling so blue man!

This weekend I spent some time revisiting sites that I used to contribute to but was burnt out on, and was not frequenting so much. Those two being Flickr and deviantArt. Basically for one reason or another I just stopped using those services. If you look hard enough you’ll find a deviantArt account that I have had since 03 on there. However I decided to start fresh. I am now back, and posting new pics, photos or whatever to both of those sites again. If you are a part of either one of those communities, or both, and you want to add me to your network. Please do!

With deviantArt I’ll only really be posting art. With Flickr it will be a combination of both art and photos that I’ll be uploading. I guess coming up down the track I’ll create a facebook fanpage as well. If you have any other suggestions about places I should be visiting or contributing to, please hit me up and let me know. You can find my email on the “about” page.

Also, don’t forget, I’m all over twitter as well.

Otherwise, I spent the rest of my weekend helping my Mum with some stuff and designing a potential tee shirt design (see above). What do you think of that? Is it something you’d pay for? Or would you prefer something more dynamic. The idea is it would be that electric blue as an ink on top of a navy tee. Feedback is always appreciated.

Hope your weekend went well. New comic tonight!

Thanks for reading

P.S. – Today was my friend Richard’s (Rich M) birthday – happy birthday dude!