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I watched Star Trek again today, while trying to pass some time with a cold, here at home. I wish that sentence was “cold beer” and not “cold, here”. Anyway, Star Trek is such a good movie. I totally forgot Winona Ryder was in it. People in the movie business should put Winona in more flicks. She is still awesome. I think she is more awesome for trying to shoplift that handbag, whenever that was? I’m sure the price of a handbag in LA, you’d be thinking, “no way!” as well. Plus, she wasn’t stealing necessarily – she was liberating it! Let’s face it, if you were the bag, and your future was pretty much going to be confined to carry some tiny speck of a dog around Rodeo Drive, who will pee and shit on you while in transit, you’d really want to die. Winona was just trying to save the bag from unjust torture.

Lets hear it for Winona people. Classy all around lady!

I’m going to gave to get around to viewing Watchmen again for a second time also. That movie had superhero-y stuff going on in it.

Looking forward to that cold beer once I am healthier.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend. Page 4 Monday!