the power-house combo!

Hey all,

Armageddon is this weekend. Tomorrow I have to go to the event and set up with my homeboy PodgyPanda. Whom I’ll be sharing a booth with. That will be fun. Always cool to be hanging with an amazing artist. Mr PodgyPanda is certainly that! We’ll be in the collector’s fair area. Not really sure what the deal will be until we get there, but here’s hoping it will be worth our while. Armageddon is in a new space this year, not sure what kind of effect that’ll have on the expo. It sounds like it will be more accessible.

totally a good bargain!

You’ll be able to come down and meet me, the comic will be for sale. I’ll also have screenprints (like 2?), T-shirts and stickers. Should be fun! I’ll attach my price list to this post, so everyone can see what I’ll be selling on the day. Also, there will be a competition running at the booth. Which I have had almost nothing to do with. My thanks to PodgyPanda for setting this one up. I had to focus all my energies on getting the ActionMan Adam comic done on time, so he took a successful idea we had at a previous expo and ran with it again, except this time we have some amazing prizes kindly donated by Popup gallery in Wellington. Thanks Popup! I’ll have to make a trip down there to see your store one day!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by Comics on K last weekend. It was a lot of fun. The event was quite cruisy. The gallery space “The High Seas” is amazing. I highly suggest anyone in the greater Auckland area to go check it out if you have not been. It was big and spacious. Almost too spacious for the setup we had on the weekend. Thought that just meant there was plenty of space for all the artists involved to spread out, and for the people who visited, they could peruse without interruption. Thanks to everyone who came by, and bought the book, or said nice things about it. That was really cool!

All the artists involved were amazing! The depth of the Sheehan brothers work is intense. Matt Tait sold out of his book, Love Stories, which is very cool. I sat next to my friends Frank & Becky from Tiny Kitten Teeth. Becky was cranking out one flawless sketch after another. That girl is going to be a superstar very soon. Frank was his usual nice self, deflecting praise onto Becky, which is deserved, but that isn’t fair to Frank’s writing. He writes awesome/funny/cute stories. If you aren’t already, go read their comic right now!

That is me for now, hope to see you at the show this Saturday through to Monday.
Thanks for reading