Grey like those Zombies in the Walking Dead books

Hello again,

Well we’re in October now. Ohhh man. Are you getting excited for Labour weekend? Armageddon Expo is coming. Excited is not the word I would use right now. Not for myself. I will get there. Right now I’m still in frantic prepare mode, getting this comic wrapped up for it. I think I am on track to get this all done though. My main concern is getting it all printed on time. I’m hoping to hand in the files on the 12th. Let’s hope this is enough time before the 24th comes around.

In terms of page layout above is what might become the inside front cover for the book/content page. I needed an image just to fit on the page, but not to distract to much from the stories that would be contained within. Playing around with the digital drawing this is something I came up with. I’ll probably either lighten the text grey, or take it out completely. Still deciding if I will run with it. Just thought I would share that though. Hopefully this comic ends up rad, and people end up enjoying it. I have had fun making it. The idea is to have it help get the word out about it locally. That might help with developing a webcomic audience when I’m ready to go with that.

I have to go down to the print shop and discuss with them just how I need to set my files up. Hopefully some of the things I want to do won’t be too tricky. I have a double paged spread in the book that I am a little concerned about. Although, I’m sure they are professionals and will be able to handle it no worries. I also might do a new run of stickers. Sadly I don’t have time to make any new art for them. Instead I’ll choose my strongest one, get it printed with the new URL.

Otherwise. How was your weekend? Mine was OK. My one break from all the art stuff was taking my wife to see “500 days of Summer“. It was pretty awesome overall. Though the ending left a bitter taste in my mouth. However, that was about 3 mins of an otherwise solid movie. You can’t really complain too much, when you know there is a lot of turd out there somehow being made. If you’re up for seeing it, I recommend it. Maybe you can get back to me with your thoughts on it? Joseph Gordon-Levitt did an awesome job of carrying the film I thought.

Would like to catch up on some of the last few films that came out actually. Missed District 9. Still haven’t seen up. The aim? To get this art stuff finished this weekend and then be able to reward myself with the 3D screening of up. If I fall short, then I obviously won’t be going. Ha ha!

Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for reading.