He's no Shaft. Hell of a nice dude though.

Armageddon Auckland 2009 is almost upon us now. I’m happy to say the comic is now completed. I dropped the files off at the print shop this morning. I’m expecting the comics back by the end of the week. This last month has been quite intense. Things have been manic. We’ve been busy at my day job. Trying to organise some renovations on our house. On top of that, after 10 hour days at work i would then come home and spend another 4 hours in front of a screen trying to finish up my comic. What can I say? It’s nice to have it finally done. I never envisaged it taking so long. The paper stock for the comics looked good, and I was happy with the greyscale result on the inside of it. I guess it will be kind of surreal having the finished comics in a box ready to go. What will be next? Well after Armageddon Auckland I am taking a couple of weeks off. Then I will be doing some preliminary work for the webcomic. I’ll throw up the last story of the printed comic maybe, and then lead into the new stuff.

Above is the cover I settled on for the book. I feel like this tells the story of what the book is about a lot more than what I was playing with. Hopefully you all dig the full colour effect that I am splashing out for the cover. I’m looking forward to getting these into peoples hands now. So everyone can read, and hopefully…enjoy.

Sunday was a really nice day in Auckland. We hadn’t had a nice day in this city for a little while. In fact a cold snap had buried the country in the dying last gasp of winter. Even dumping some snow in the central North Island. Seeing some sun for a change was a nice surprise. We utilised it to our best ability and went out for an ice cream. It was a damn good ice cream too!

Can anyone recommend some good new music to listen to for my next drawing session? I would appreciate it!

Next blog post: Some information about a New Zealand Comics Weekend I’ll be attending here in Auckland. It’ll be free for the public to come down. I’ll officially be selling the comic there, before Armageddon weekend, so if you want to grab one early, that will be your opportunity.

More on that tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!