Made from actual trees!

Hi everyone. Just a reminder, I’ll be at Comics on K this weekend (Both Sat & Sunday 1pm-7pm). My new comic – ActionMan Adam #1 will be available. I picked it up from the printer yesterday. This comic took me three and a half years to complete. Something I am going to have to work on is finishing things faster! Ha ha. You can now buy this comic in my store. It is $7 US. Free shipping if you live in New Zealand.

The journey home from the printer yesterday was fun thing in itself. On the drive home my car starts making a hissing sound. Then steam starts coming from under the hood. Excellent. Always a good sign! I did manage to get home safely. Only after pulling over immediately to cool the radiator down. Luckily once it was cool, I could pour some water in. Diagnosis from the mechanic today wasn’t good. Looks like the radiator is pretty blocked up. Close escape I think!

Thanks for reading