It's all about the smile.

Hello again. For those of you in the Auckland area who might be interested. I will be partaking in a New Zealand Comics Weekend this coming weekend. This will be the first place you can buy the ActionMan Adam comic book from me. Which will be available in its newly printed glory. The event is called Comics on K and will be located at The High Seas gallery space. Which is 12 Beresford Square, just a little shy of K road in the central Auckland area. For those of you familiar with the city, its just beside the Supper Club.

It sounds like it’ll be an awesome event. There are some really cool people attending. Have a look at some of the guests on the Comics on K blog here, or on Adrian Kinnaird’s blog. I’m looking forward to it. I have not met a lot of the NZ comic folk, so it’ll be a chance to meet some people for me as well.

Please come on down and say hi. I’ll be selling the ActionMan Adam comic book for $9. It is 36 pages of stories. The event runs from 1pm-7pm both Saturday and Sunday (17th and 18th of October). It is free. There will be art on display, and that art is going to be auctioned off on the Sunday evening. Should be great.
Look forward to seeing you there!

Thanks for reading! – Marc