Wow. It’s been some time. My apologies. Everything was rolling along quite nicely. Then I went and did something stupid. I decided that updating WordPress would be a good idea, my theme wasn’t yet updated to support it, and everything went bung from there. At the time I was working on a new look for the site anyway. Instead of starting from the basics, I had my friend Richard help me get it somewhat closer to that look.

What do you think? A little bit nicer to look at huh?

A few things have happened in the meantime. Just moved into a new house. It has a bit more room. We’re now able to spread out, and contain the art side of the house to one room, instead of having it in the living area and spilling into every other aspect of our lives. The whole moving house thing has kept us from going out and doing many exciting things though. I have still yet to see District 9. Though I have heard some good things about it. Will be going to see Inglorious Basterds this weekend with any luck!

Did get out once in the last month. Managed to hit up the Misery opening/James Jean signing. That was pretty dope. Everyone seemed to show up for that one. Good art + free booze = win! Was able to peruse some art, and get my hands on James Jean’s new book Kindling. Which has a collection of prints from the show of the same name inside. The design and collection of it all is pretty amazing. Well worth the buy.

Spring is here already. Everyone seems to be looking forward to the warmer weather. I’m personally lost, just trying to re focus on the artwork. I’m going to be attending Armageddon Auckland at the Greenlane show grounds in October. The comic will be done by then finally. Promise! If you wanna come down and pick up a copy, say hello, I’d be most appreciative!

Thanks for reading.