The new-ness that is digital

The new-ness that is digital

One thing that I have become increasingly aware of as this comic process has continued is my speed. Or lack of it. The time it takes me to layout a page, check that I’m happy with it, ink it, scan it, and add the greys has been a painful process. I wanted to speed things up so I can update more often here when I eventually start putting all the comics up on this website.

After much thought about it, I decided to switch to a digital process. It is going to be a learning curve. I’m so used to the feel of paper, and the control of a pencil. This weekend I sat down with my tablet. I had to get a piece done for promo for the upcoming show in October anyway. At first it was frustrating. I probably spent a good couple of hours playing with it all. It’s not completely natural for me to draw this way of course. I’m hoping in time though, that I’ll become more comfortable with it and eventually will get my speed up.

Drawing directly in Photoshop does have its advantages though. Aside from the weirdness of doing it that way. It is really handy to have “undo” as an option if you make a bad line choice. The layer options are rad to. I was able to sketch, ink and colour this piece all in one sitting.

Has anyone else out there tried drawing digitally? How did you find it? Are you still doing it now? If you have any tips or tricks that might help with the process throw them my way. I’m eager to learn.

Above is the first piece I have cobbled together digitally. No paper, no inks.

Reminder: I’ll be at Armageddon Auckland this October. If you are attending, swing by our table and say “hi”. I’m going to be sitting next to my man Podgypanda. We’re both super nice. Promise!