Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. is such a weird series to summarise. I picked this book up off the stands from the first issue, and was immediately hooked. Warren Ellis has a twisted imagination. Stuart Immonen handles the art chores, and as always does a beautiful job. Each new series he has to draw, he seemingly switches his style up for it, and I dig that. His stuff is never stagnant.

The series follows a collection of Marvel characters who have been unused for some time, and have been given a refresher via this series. It’s not something you’d expect. Turning Marvel comics serious approach to story telling on its side, readers will find this series quirky, weird, zany and fun. The biggest let down about this series is it was cancelled after only 12 months. Which was a bummer, but understandable. It probably wasn’t a big seller, and Immonen moved onto Ultimate Spider-man, which was a larger profile book for someone of his artistic status.

One of the characters, called “the Captain” has a flashback origin story – somewhat similar to the Green Lantern’s. Except, instead of aliens entrusting him with a power due to his exceptional potential for heroism. He is handed this power while he is completely drunk out of his mind. Once the power is bequeathed to him, he beats up the two aliens that gave him said power because they ruined his shirt.

This kind of comedy is all the way through the series, and every character gets a few laugh out loud moments for sure. It’s definitely one of my favourite comic series of all time. If you’re looking for a good read, with spectacular art. Check this series out. You can pick up either the trade paper back (softcover) or hard cover editions through your local comic shop, or order it from one of the many retailers online.

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